• An Act of Worship – In the book of Proverbs 3, it explains to us that we should honor God with our tithe. It’s an act of worship! It’s symbolic of keeping Him first in your life. It keep our focus Heavenly. Matt. 6:21
  • Show of Trust – Who better to put your trust in than your Heavenly Father? Malachi 3 says to test Him and watch how He will bless you.
  • Provision – Tithing is provision for the church, ministries, and our pastor. Pastor Larry devotes his time to his position within the church and in the community. Our tithes take care of these servants of God, so they can continue to serve Him and our churches faithfully. Without our pastors – our leaders – our churches would crumble.


Offerings are what we give above tithes. You can designate specifically what ministry you want to bless, such as…

  • Monthly Mission Focus (rotates each month)
  • G.A.P. Our ministry to local low-income elderly
  • Special guests
  • Specific missionaries, ministries
  • Disaster relief funds