🔥“If I am within you, I will manifest through you with very little effort on your part. All that’s needed is simple obedience to step beyond the boundaries you have created – boundaries that set limits on what you believe I can and cannot do through you.” Excerpt from “I Hear His Whisper Encounter His Heart For You” 365-Day devotional by TPT 😊

As I was reading this, I had the thought about the gardenia flowers blooming outside. Their smell is heavenly to me! I even pick one off the bush and hold it just to smell its fragrance for a while. It amazes me that God would create flowers like these, with such a desirable smell, but they are like any other flower. Planted, sunshine, water, growth. The only effort on their part is to do exactly what God created them to do, yet they become so much more when they bloom. They become a desirable flower that you want to take with you so you can continue to enjoy the smell long after you’ve passed the source. It makes you want to plant them right along your porch so that your porch-sitting sessions are nothing short of heavenly. And all those flowers had to do was exactly what they were created to do, grow. I have to correlate this to the way God desires for us to live our life. It’s really as simple as plant yourself, get you some sunshine and water and grow. Love greatly and choose joy in every season & God will do the rest. There is nothing impossible with God and when we set limits on what He can and cannot do, we set our own selves up failure. If you set boundaries on who & what God can be for you in your life, you aren’t really living. God gave us Jesus, who then gave us Holy Spirit as a helper. He lives inside of us and gives us that unlimited and often untapped power that Jesus had/has. You have resurrection power flowing in your veins. You have healing power flowing through your veins. You have the power of Words sitting on your tongue, ready to command the angels of heaven on their next assignment. You have joy, hope, love, all fruits of the Spirit inside you, flowing through your veins. You don’t have to ask for it – command those things up out of you! You have them so you can use them. Don’t set boundaries on what God can and cannot do to you and through you. There is NOTHING God cannot do. Often, we make it so complicated and so hard. We put rules on things and boundaries on ourselves, when in reality it’s as simple as the command to love and to grow. When you desire to live in the way of God, according to what He has set as good and evil, He will make you like that sweet-smelling flower. You will be desired by all, loved by all. People will know you are a child of the King, rich in joy and favor, because of your life. They will be able to SEE the fruits of the Spirit living inside of you. No toil on your part. Just grow. 💜